Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring '09

Nights alone here at 314 are few and far between. They're always odd in the beginning as I find myself at home making the only noise of the house minus the occasional gust of the wind. I tend to scurry around cleaning things i've never cleaned, listen to random cd's, kick around a ball outside (which is mildly entertaining compared to all those years of having a "pitch back" when I played by myself), and the like.

It's not so bad though after being settled in. I remember one night last Spring being alone, drinking hot chocolate, and just thinkin' and readin'. Wonderful night.

Tonight as I eat dinner, blog and reminisce it's hard to avoid the season of Spring and of "birth" that is easing it's way in. When two friends have babies on the same night i'd say Spring has sprung.
The Birgy's are a family that I have babysat for a few times and know through church. They have a little boy, Abram Daniel, to add to the family of 3 girls.

I love how one of the first questions that came out of Celia's mouth was, "Mommy you think that you will have another baby," less than 24 hours after giving birth. We all laughed.
Also, I noticed some green around the yard. And maybe some blooming on the crab apple.

Mom said it was getting green in NC. That's exciting!

I look forward to seeing Dad, Mom, Devin and Angela when they come out for graduation at the end of May. Really, really look forward to seeing them.

Tonight I was microwaving nachos and my tomatoes caught on fire. Can you believe that?

Mom emailed me a couple weeks ago and told me that I should wear more makeup. I discovered today that she keeps having dreams that I am getting married.

We are possibly getting a foot of snow over the next couple days. Any ideas for snowmen? I'm thinking a surfer snowman would be fun.

Easter Sunday is coming soon. Wow. 2.25 weeks.

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Lana Joy said...

I miss you. I know what you mean about all the babies. I can't even count how many of my friends and acquaintances are having children within the next few months. Craziness. I am not sure I agree about the more make up thing. You know how I feel about it. Only on special REALLY special ones. Maybe WHEN you get married. Maybe then. That day. :o)

love ya.