Sunday, August 31, 2008

Random's tonight.

It's the end of summer. For some, the actual date of September 23 accounts for a season change, for others: the start of school. I hereby, AM one of the others.

Tonight, i sit outside, back porch highly vacant, with one of the boldest and freshly ground cups of coffee; only second to the cups by the Whidbey shores. Black. Bold. and Bangin'. All this while Mr. and Mrs. Kimbell to the right have lit up their back yard with string lights and tiki tourches. Bonfire crackles and warms our yards too.

I want to share my heart with you. Loved. Since coming back to Maplewood Dr., my neighbors have blessed me by being simply neighbors. We have shared stories, exchanged vegetables and hotdog chili, advice, and time. Before coming home, I remember wanting so deeply to know them better, for longer, and with more gentleness and love. They have surpassed any attempts i could have made. I'm sure Raleigh would agree in part. She's a hotdog fan, and surely is ready to bust out some of ole' Oscar's Chili.

It's been nice to hear about how other people are doing. Mom and Dad are still remodeling and working to move back to Groff St. Leslie is about to hike for a while, then we'll meet for Lana's wedding in a month. My neighbor Chris just finished boot camp at top of his platoon and you talk about having a proud daddy; that man is proud! Raleigh's team played a weekend ago and went 2 for 2 (it was a sweet weekend all together.) Cabarrus county flooded for a couple days, but fortunately receeded. Crazy though.

Most refreshing ice cream all time: mint chocolate chip.

Latest colorado predator: skunk.

Cutest colorado predator: skunk.

Hilarous babysitting quote: (while slicing an apple) "You cut an apple well for being half kid and half grown up." - Celia

Campfires smell like heaven. Hopefully...or bacon.

Lastly, jalopenos spice up your life, not just your food.

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Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie,

For such a little girl you have the biggest heart I know of, I'm glad you share that love you have for others
David Keeter used to go around singing all the time "Love is a Wonderful thing" (that was right around the time he met Robin ).

How do you sit in your back yard and a skunk can walk up and not spray you?

It's Labor Day (a year ago that we came out there), we've got to get back out there soon. We love you very much and can't wait to see you in a couple weeks. Love Mom & Dad